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What to Expect on the Zipline Tour:

  • Combine the Zipline Tour and the Adventure Course and ride over 2300 feet of Ziplines! 
  • Ride on 7 Zips throughout our wooded property
  • Test yourself on 9 Challenges as you navigate tree to tree between ziplines
  • Prepare yourself for the high speed finale! 


A Monkey Trunks Zipline Tour is a hybrid between a Zipline Tour and an Aerial Trekking course; we like to call it ZipTrekking! Simply put; it's awesome! Trek through the trees on our self navigated Zipline Tour consisting of a variety of ziplines and rope-course challenges within the trees. Unlike standard, guided tours, our Zipline Tour allows participants to Zip and climb through the trees at their own pace; doing so by riding ziplines and navigating elements of varying difficulties. This is not a ride one zipline and wait for 6 other people to come behind you type of activity. After a brief ground school where you learn all of our safety rules, we unleash you up onto the course. Like our Adventure Course, we outfit customers with Auto-Locking Smart Belays that keep you attached to the course at all times but allow customers the freedom to navigate the courses as they wish. We are bringing this freedom of self navigation into the trees to provide customers with an aerial tour of our wooded properties.  The Zipline Tour is linear in nature so there is a definitive start and end to the course.  Participants average 1 hr and 15 minutes on the course and are allowed to go through the course once. 

Requirements for the Zipline Tour:

  • Standing flat-footed with arms extended above your head, you must be able to reach 5’9”; children who can reach 5’4” may participate on the Zipline Tour as long as they are accompanied by TWO adults (15 years or older) who can reach 5'9".
  • Strict Weight Limit: 250 pounds
  • You must wear closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes- No Keen's, Crocs, ect.


Adventure Course with Ziplines!

Monkey Trunks in Saco, ME, offers adventure for visitors young, old, and everyone in between!

Our Monkey Trunks course in Saco offers the perfect spot to release a little energy – as well as your inner monkey. The higher you go, the more challenging the course becomes! You will begin with ground school and receive a safety instruction on how to navigate through the course. While here, you will learn how to use our state-of-the-art Smart Belay System. After completing this instruction course, you will start on the Green level of the King Kong course. After progressing through this level, you can continue to challenge yourself as you move up onto the Blue and Black levels.

We encourage monkeys to challenge themselves, but to stay within their physical limits. If you had a tough time completing a level, keep in mind that the next one is more difficult! There is no time limit while on the course. We encourage you to move through each level at your own pace and enjoy every challenge. People generally spend 2-3 hours in total while at our facilities.


  • 3 ziplines at up to 700 feet long! Ride side-by-side on our dual zip!
  • 48 challenges that include swinging beams, tightropes, rolling logs, hanging tires, cargo nets and more!
  • A 35-foot high giant swing off the second level of the course!
  • Rock climbing wall!


REQUIREMENTS for the Adventure Course:

  • Standing flat-footed with arms extended above your head, you must be able to reach 5’9”; children who can reach 5’4” may participate on the Adventure Course as long as they are accompanied by an adult (15 years or older).
  • NEW for 2016! Kids who are able to reach 48" and are daring enough to climb on the Adventure Course will be allowed to climb with TWO adults (15 years or older).  We require that the adults "sandwich" the little one between them to assist them moving through the course and transferring their clips.  Once they can reach 5'4", only one adult is needed to assist.  For those intimidated by the Adventure Course, we still have the Kids' Course to work up your courage!
  • Strict Weight Limit: 250 pounds
  • You must wear closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes- No Keen's, Crocs, ect.


Kids' Course

Smaller scale for our littlest monkeys. Our kids' platforms are approx 6' off the ground.

Kids' courses have 6-8 challenges, all with an 80' zipline at the finish!

All kids’ course participants must be able to reach 4’ (48”) standing with their arms over the head and be at least 5 years old. When children can reach 5’4”, they have outgrown the children’s course and are able to use the adult course accompanied by someone who can reach 5’9”

All kids' course participants will have to pass a ground school safety class.

Adults are not allowed on the course, but are welcome to stay on the ground for encouragement and pictures! Parents must remain on the property while their children are using the course.

There is no time limit and participants average 1 hour on the course.



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